How To Play


Basic Rules

Customers get free access to our entire board game library. Since we are a restaurant, we do require a food and beverage purchase. We suggest about 1.5-2 hours to enjoy food, drinks, and games. This will ensure that all customers get to enjoy the experience.


Big Party Rules

  1. Reservations
    • We currently DO NOT accept reservations for normal groups, families or birthday parties.
    • We currently DO accept reservations for private parties for large groups, these are normally only scheduled during off-peak hours. They must be scheduled and planned by emailing
    • Peak hours are Fri-Sat from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm, during this time private party reservations are not accepted.
  2. Outside Food or Drink
    • Due to health department restrictions we cannot allow outside food or drink which includes cake, cupcakes, and ice cream.
  3. Table Usage and Time Recommendation
    • We do ask that large parties are cognizant of their table usage and time and respect a 2-hour maximum time limit.
    • We request parties follow all game usage rules which include:
      1. Only one game per table
      2. Return all games to the front counter
    • We are happy to move around tables to allow large groups to sit together but we ask that you seek the support of an employee who can ensure access to exits/bathrooms are maintained.
    • Decorations are not permitted to be used on tables, chairs, or walls.
  4. Have FUN!