How To Play


Basic Rules

Customers get free access to our entire board game library. Since we are a restaurant, we do require a food and beverage purchase. We suggest about 1.5-2 hours to enjoy food, drinks, and games, however is only enforced if we are full and have a waiting list. This will ensure that all customers get to enjoy the experience. We suggest coming in on days where we do not have a waiting list to enjoy longer, more strategic games.

Party Rules

The following are rules for parties, meetings, and other large groups.

  • Reservations
    1. We accept reservations for 11AM any day of the week. (Any other time of day is first come, first serve) Headcount must be given at time of reservation.
    2. A non-refundable $20 deposit is required which will be put towards purchases after the party.
    3. Questions can be emailed to
  • No Outside Food or Drink
    1. We do not allow any outside food or drink which includes cake, cupcakes, ice cream, and other items from food trucks, Starbucks, or McDonalds.
  • Table Usage and Time Recommendation
    1. We do ask that large parties are cognizant of their table usage and time and respect our 2-hour maximum time limit. This is only enforced if we are full and have a waiting list.
    2. We request parties follow all game usage rules which include:
      1. Only one game per table
      2. Return all games to the front counter (please respect games, so others can enjoy)
    3. Your number of seats reserved will be set up and marked for you on your arrival.
    4. Decorations are not permitted to be used on tables, chairs, or walls.
  • Have FUN!